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Walking is Exercise! Benefits of Walking with Your Dog

We don’t need to tell you that exercise is essential and beneficial for the health of humans and dogs alike.When dog walking comes to mind, we often focus on getting outside to let our dogs relieve themselves but we shouldn’t forget how important it is for dogs to take in some fresh air and get moving. These 10 benefits health benefits of walking give you good reason to get out and walk your dog more regularly. 

#10 - Walking helps your dog stay healthy

No need to provide too much explanation here - it’s quite obvious that keeping your pets moving on a regular basis keeps them agile, limber and happy. 

#9 - Walking maintains weight control

Without regular activity, your pet risks becoming overweight. Overweight pets are not healthy! In addition to walking and watching your dog’s diet, it’s important to go beyond a casual pace and exercise your dog regularly. 

#8 - Walking regulates the digestive system

Moving around regularly helps your pet’s digestive system and can also relieve constipation. 

#7 - Helps combat destructive behavior

Dogs can sometimes engage in destructive behavior like chewing, digging or scratching. They do this because, like children, if they don’t have something constructive to do they will resort to other activities to keep themselves occupied and entertained. Regular walks and other forms of exercise help reduce or eliminate these bad habits. 

#6 - Helps with hyperactivity

Pets have lots of energy and they need outlets for it or they become hyperactive. Excitability has the potential to turn into stress, so it’s necessary to calm your pet down with a nice walk to expend energy. Nighttime walks are a great way to help encourage relaxation and reduce restlessness before bed. 

#5 - Curb bad behavior

Pent up energy can turn into what we deem as bad behavior, like jumping up on people and knocking things over. You can help curb this kind of unruliness through regular exercise. 

#4 - Appease attention-seeking

Pets love attention and when they’re not getting enough of it they often resort to barking and whining. These are merely signs your dog is seeking attention and a good walk will provide the one-on-one time they need. 

#3 - Build bonds

Spending time with your pet is about more than just making sure they are getting enough exercise. Your dog is your friend and they require one-on-one time to strengthen your bond and build a strong, trusting relationship. Walking together gives you the opportunity to spend time and strengthen your bond. 

#2 - Build trust

Some animals are naturally timid or have experienced trauma that leaves them feeling fearful and uncertain. It’s very important to build trust with your dog so that they are more confident and feel secure around you. Your dog will need to interact with other animals and people in their lifetime and that may be difficult, but if they feel secure and trusting with their owners it will help them gain comfort to navigate new places and relationships. 

#1 - Walking is healthy for you too

All too often we think of walking the dog as a chore to allow your pet to relieve themselves. We should take care not to think of it this way! Walking is an activity that can be enjoyed by all involved and the health benefits are great for both parties.

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